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The year is 2218. Ageing has been cured. Society is not what it used to be. Money as we know it, no longer exists. Lesedi Ndaba is about to become the first person to celebrate their 200th birthday.

With the voices of Thapelo Mokoena from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Nambitha Mpumlwana of Generations, this future-facing podcast will transport you to 2218 to discover what the world is like 200 years from now. Everything you hear is based on current science and expert predictions from leading experts from across the globe.

Episode 1

I was a doctor at the forefront of modern medicine at the time. An idealist even. I wasn’t trying to live forever, I wanted to help fight the illnesses that brought misery and a horrible death to so many people. I’d seen what that looks like my whole career. Longevity is a side effect of fighting the illnesses of old age.

In episode 1, we explore how it’s scientifically possible to live to 200 and meet Lesedi Ndaba, the world’s first 200 year old.

Episode 2

I think one of the biggest changes is how we use money. When I was young, money was often seen as a measure of success. People spent it on things they didn’t need, to appear successful. Of course those who spent frivolously then no longer had money left for the things they would really need. You can’t think that way if you’re living so long. You need to see money as a tool, not a social scoring system.

Episode 2 tackles the financial dilemma of living to 200 and uncovers the economic impact of managing cyclical careers and retirement.

Episode 3

Marriage; it’s not what it used to be, right? But I guess that’s bound to happen when you live exponentially longer. And plus, nothing is what it used to be. Not partnerships, not families, not friendships or relationships. And what happens when the generation gap becomes so big, you can’t even see to the other side?

At 200 years old, relationships are complex, family gatherings are larger and marriage contracts don’t include ‘till death do us part’ – all on episode 3.

Episode 4

Back when it was all just an experiment, people were fearful of extended life, because they had so many questions and knew so little about how it would affect their world. But in time, we began to see that technology was not closing doors of opportunity but rather opening doors of possibility.

How will society be different in 2218? Episode 4 tackles the reality of a post-ageing world in the days leading up to Lesedi’s 200th birthday.

Scientists predict that we’ll live to 200 soon

But what does that mean? How do you even plan a financial future that long? These are important questions. At Sanlam, we’re working on the answers to ensure we build a future worthy of generations to come.

This podcast is fiction, set in a projected future. Based on current scientific research, it is supplemented by the opinions of present day experts. The expert opinions referenced in these podcasts are those of the experts themselves and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Sanlam.

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