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What does 30 million square kilometres of potential look like?

You see this spot? It’s easy to mistake as ordinary. Easy to underestimate. Easy to walk right past. Or is it?

This spot in Africa could hold a cure for the common cold, an advancement in renewable energy or a new mode of transport. Then there’s 30 million square kilometres more.

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You can make something here.
Create something here.
Solve something here.
Be the first to imagine something here.

For over a century Sanlam has seen the potential in Africa, knowing all the greatness it holds.

As a financial services company, we believe in prioritising our people, our continent and creating opportunities to build lasting legacies. This means building a continent of Wealthsmiths™ who are empowered to create their own wealth and live their best lives possible.

It’s why we have and always will invest in the possibilities of our continent.

We know every child educated has a compound effect on the economy for generations to come. A commitment to Africa’s youth is extremely important to us and that’s why Sanlam has developed initiatives that give back sustainably, including the Blue Ladders Schools programme.

It’s why we’ve invested in 33 countries and counting, more than any other insurer.

Our philosophy is to work with relevant and trusted partners on the ground. To let local managers and boards run their businesses with our support. This way we create jobs, upskill individuals in the countries we invest in, and Africa as a whole.

Junior Ngulube CEO of Sanlam Emerging Markets

As the biggest non-banking financial service in Africa, we’ll proudly continue building a better continent for others to inherit.

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